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Competitive Advantage: Role of HR

Respond to the following in a brief paragraph (ensure to cite any references):

Competitive advantage is major gain by an company when it provides the same value as it competitors but at a lower price or can charge higher prices for a better value through some sort of difference between the product or service. HR can help create a competitive advantage for an organization merely by creating value. HR really should be able to create and discover rare traits of the organization to gain competitive advantage. If the traits of HR is the same in multiple organization then there wouldn't be a source of competitive advantage for any of them. If the competitors in the business can easily imitate what a company has to offer, then that particular company is at loss. HR should develop individuality for their organization, and assure that they cannot be duplicated by competitors. This means focusing on the organization special culture or unique history, which will help gain the competitive advantage.


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Developing a special culture can help gain competitive advantage. Rare traits need not be discovered but developed by HR. These traits and the special culture should be such that the firm's efficiency and effectiveness can be improved ...

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