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    Human Resources Management

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    The Spiral Career Development

    Four approaches to career development are defined i.e., linear, expert, spiral, and transitory. The spiral approach best fits my career development path in Emergency Medical Services. My career began as a EMT, Paramedic, FP-c, Paramedic Instructor, EMS Director, and now I serve as the Program Director of an air medical service.

    Future Challenges in Employment Law

    Workplaces are transforming at an incredible rate. There are generational issues, new and unique discrimination issues, pending regulations of labor laws, and immigration reform just to name a few. As the new Chief Human Resource Officer you will need to prepare a white paper as a guide that will address the new issues and c

    Disscusion Questions

    Using in-text citiations and APA format, please respond to the questions below. 1. Julie Watkins has worked in her new position writing software documentation for three months. She keeps hearing about how important her job is to the company, but she does not understand how her work contributes to the whole. Her exposure to

    Job Market: Impacts on Promotions, Retirement and Layoffs

    The recent recession had a significant impact on many people's careers. Current indications are that it may take a few more years to get job levels back to past levels, both in number of jobs and levels of jobs: (a) What impact promotion, managing older workers, and layoffs have had in career areas? (b) What strategies coul

    EMS Delivery Models

    1. Distinguish between problems related to conduct compared to performance and how to most effectively apply progressive discipline concepts. 2. Identify key legal or regulatory requirements that must be addressed in human resource management. 3. Describe the benefits and necessity of continuing education activities f

    Human Resource Management Across Various Contexts

    Need discussion pointers on the following topics. How do governmental influences affect compensation administration? Use specific examples. What is sexual harassment? Identify and describe the three elements which may constitute sexual harassment. Identify ways to make performance evaluations more effective. Do you bel

    Muslim Employee Prayer Request

    You hold the position of the human resources manager of a 2,500-employee company that produces fluorescent light fixtures in a continuous motion process. Observe religious practices and freedom of employees under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. Then explain how to handle a request by Muslim employees on

    Diversity in the Workplace Conflicts

    If you were to critique one global company with which you are familiar and determine atleast three inevitable conflicts that may arise among individuals from different religions, racial, ethnic, and national groups who must work together. how and what would you recommend to overcome each conflict in order to create a productiv

    Leadership and Measuring Leader Performance and Peer Evaluations

    1-Organizations often use international assignments as important practices in global leadership development. However, the evaluation of the assignments is often focused on the leaders' performance but lack of assessment on the developmental benefits to the leaders. If you were given the task to identify the developmental benefit

    Compensation: Pros & Cons of Disclosure

    Gueutal & Stone (2005) state that an organization's communication practices can have a profound effect on how employees respond to an organization's compensation practices and whether the organization gets what it wants. Assess the pros and cons of your organization's communication approach in regard to compensation practices. O

    G. Daniels v. The City of Arlington, Texas

    Read the George Daniels v. City of Arlington Texas Case (reference: 246 F.3d (5TH CIR.) 2001) 1. Are you in agreement with the court's decision? 2. How can the freedoms of religion and speech be balanced against an employer's dress code? 3. Why do some people insist on wearing religious paraphernalia, and why do some people

    Critiquing Arbitration Practices: Circuit City v Saint Clair Adams

    Please read the Circuit City v Saint Clair Adams case and answer the following questions: 1) Are you in favor of the court's decision? 2) Are the statutory rights of employees adequately protected through arbitration? 3) Was there any merit to the reasoning of the ninth circuit court? 4) What about an employee's right to

    The Pros and Cons of Phased Retirement Options

    Please be advice that this is only a discussion not an assignment or a test. I have attached the requirement document for the question below. Thanks Phased Retirement Options Analyze the three retirement options you prepared according to the skill builder instructions and make your recommendation to the company about which t

    Fourth Amendment Cases

    Can someone help me come up with some ideas for these cases: Have the federal courts made any significant progress on the issue of employees' privacy and limits on search and seizure rights of an employer? What is the significance of each of the following cases? 1. National Treasury Employees Union v. Von Raab, (1989)

    Organizational Implications of Human Resource Development

    1. Using your knowledge of the stages of life and career development, explain how the career issues of a 27-year-old differ from those of a 45-year-old. What are the organizational implications of the issues you identified? 2. In your experience (both from your own organization and your observation on other organizations) wha

    Talent Management During Economic Downturn

    What would be a short-term talent management strategy to get past the economic downturn and keep employees motivated until the market improves for both a domestic and multinational enterprise and why.

    Psychological test for management positions

    Recommend the psychological test that you believe is most appropriate for selecting the right candidate for a management position within an organization for which you have worked or with which you are familiar and can you elaborate why.

    Women Participation in the Work Force

    Are there 2 areas in which the 60 percent participation rate of women in the workforce has impacted organizations in America? And in the next five years what changes do you think will occur in relation to a 60 percent participation rate?

    Circut City versus Saint Clair Adams

    Is anyone familiar with this case? CIRCUIT CITY V. SAINT CLAIR ADAMS. Critique arbitration practices based on the review of the following case. Case: 6.2 page 164 (Moran text). 1) Do you agree with the court's decision? 2) If a case has been filed in court and then mandatory arbitration has been imposed, could the case b

    Fair Labor Standards Act: Exemptions

    Please read the attached case studies and respond. From Skill Builder 2, analyze one of the three cases stated to determine its exempt status for executive, professional, or administrative categories. If you were the judge, state how you would rule in this case and explain your position.

    Change management and perks

    I've been selected as the change agent for the upcoming implementation of a new HRIS system that will ultimately affect the way all employees complete their daily tasks. The new HRIS system will also necessitate a reduction in workforce. What would be an unusual way to get employee buy-in on this new system while mitigating mora

    Obtaining feedback from end users

    Surveys are used to assess users' attitudes regarding the implementation of a new system and the results of the surveys are used to guide the development and implementation of the new system as well as to provide feedback to members of the organization. Can you recommend one other method the PM team could use to evaluate and det

    Employment Law: Discrimination in the Workplace

    Ok, if anyone is available to assist with note and ideas, I would greatly, Greatly, I mean greatly appreciate it. Thank you!! I reviewed the cases and I am having a difficult time comprehending. Employment and Human Resources Law concerns the legal relationships between employers and employees. These cases will build your knowl

    360-Degree Performance Appraisal System Approaches

    Please describe 2 approaches that a company can use to leverage a 360-degree performance appraisal system to evaluate individual performance. What advantages are there in providing timely performance feedback to employees? Can you give me (2) examples of possible repercussions of not providing employees with performance feed

    Orientation and Coaching in Human Resource Development

    1-In your experience of orientation program, what is the most beneficial content you learn from the program? What is the topic that you believe should definitely be covered but was not? Explain your point. 2-If your organization were contemplating using a team-based approach to increase productivity and reduce cost, what trai

    Selection of Imperfect Applicants

    Please be advice that this is a discussion, I have attached documents regarding the question below. Thank You Selecting from Imperfect Applicants From Exercise 2, evaluate the merits of each of the applicants and summarize each applicant's attributes in a table. Select one of the applicants from the pool, and develop a rat

    Workplace Demographic Changes

    "Shifting Demographics" Please respond to the following: Select three of the 10 trends listed in Exercise 1, and create a plan to address each in your organization. Evaluate the various options that the HR manager could take to ensure that each of the trends you have selected is adequately addressed in the HR plan to ensure

    HR Metrics and Analytics

    Please respond to the following: What are the type of metrics and analytics that could provide an organization with the information it needs to make better decisions regarding the acquisition of human capital? What is your opinion on whether or not generating and reporting more HR metrics will result in better individual, uni

    Types of Tests in the Selection Process

    What are the top two aspects I should focus on in the selection process when selecting candidates in an organization and why? If I had to choose 2 employment test in the selection process which 2 would be more appropriate and why?

    Impact of Offshoring on Employees, HR, and the Organization

    I'm working for an organization that has decided to move its manufacturing to another country and focus more on research and information technology. what would be 2 ways that the shift will impact our current employees, and how would I rationalize my prediction, will I be able to recommend key ways as an HR manager that can help