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Discriminatory job rotation and incentive policies

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Conduct an investigation on a work place discrimination issue. Pinpoint a particular area for intervention.
Summarize the strengths and weaknesses for policies and programs related to discrimination.
Identify and analyze a problem requiring a solution and articulate the population that is affected.
Using data, write a general problem statement and a specific problem statement.
The problem statements should be clearly defined and narrow enough in extent that the investigation can be successfully conducted given the problem.

Length: 7 pages.

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The organization selected for this assignment is a multinational management consulting firm. The firm's office in USA is engaged in discriminatory practices in terms of promotions and bonuses paid to the employees. The employees or consultants belonging to other countries or culture/ethnic background face such discrimination as they are the ones who often lag behind their American counterparts in terms of winning bonuses, incentives and promotions.

One of the key reasons cited for this discrimination is lack of opportunities for such consultants, even if they are more ...

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The solution devises problem statement for a discrimination related issue in an organization.

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