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    Recommendation to board of directors for affirmative action

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    Write a recommendation to a company's board of directors that affirmative action policies be implemented.

    Include points supporting the recommendation and clearly address points that may be used against this recommendation. Also address how an affirmative action policy will relate to compliance with equal employment opportunity law.

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    Sample letter section:

    This letter is directed to the Board of Directors. I am recommending that we implement an affirmative action policy. Listed below I will give you reasons why I think these policies should be enacted and some of the downfalls.

    Corporations are required to follow guidelines set by the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws. EEO was set in place to remove discrimination from the workplace, and ensure that all employees have the same opportunities to enter and progress in the work place.

    This includes allowing people to have the same rights and opportunities to job eligibility, security, and the ability to advance. This is a proposal for our affirmative action policy.

    I think it is important to implement an Affirmative Action policy because although diversity is desirable, it will not happen on its own if issues are not dealt with. This will also allow people who may have never considered us for employment take a second look at us. Stereotypes are built about every type of corporation; this will allow us to break down any that may pertain to us.
    There are also arguments that will arise because of these policies. Some say it leads to reverse discrimination, or that it will lower our standards of performance. Minorities may believe that we think this is the only way they will succeed. They may feel that their success is labeled as a result of this instead of their hard work and/or ability. We must make sure that it is in compliance with equal employment opportunity laws.

    We must also be sure that these policies are developed to ensure EEO and AA programs promote equality for all employees. If our AA policies are planned effectively we will achieve all goals established in compliance with EEO.

    I think we should issue a policy statement on EEO and AA policies to all employees. We will make sure that there is committees appointed to make sure these policies are being followed. We will set objectives to make sure any discrimination is eliminated, and make sure we monitor the program for evaluation.

    The committee we appoint to oversee this program will monitor to make sure no one is discriminated against because of gender, marital status, sex, race, physical impairment, age, beliefs, or affiliations.

    The committee we choose will implement a process to address any issues or concerns. They will also be responsible for developing and implementing strategies for addressing all issues dealing with any EEO or AA policies.

    I. Introduction

    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is about removing discrimination at the workplace, and ensuring all people have the same opportunities to enter and progress in the workforce. This does not simply mean treating people the same, but providing for individuals to have the same rights and opportunities to job access, job security, working conditions and advancement. The ABC Company needs to recognize this responsibility to its members in workplace within the ABC Industry. This paper proposes the implementation of an affirmative action policy at the ABC Company.

    II. Rationale for Affirmative Action Policy (AA)

    The aims of an affirmative action policy would be to:

    - Ensure EEO and AA issues are identified in the workplace;
    - Ensure that EEO and AA issues are resolved within a full consultative process;
    - Ensure that legislation and Enterprise Agreement clauses are adhered to in the workplace;
    - Provide a process for dealing with EEO/AA issues that are identified in the workplace;
    - Raise awareness of the importance of ...

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