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Human Resources-Recruitment and Retention Practices

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EEO laws cover a wide variety of employment practices. Explain from which types of discrimination EEO laws protect employees. Give an example showing a company that is or has displayed discriminatory practices.

A policy is a guiding principle. A procedure is how that principle is implemented. Organizations often create their own set of policies and procedures based on their needs. Is it important to have established policies and procedures for staffing management? Why?

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EEO laws cover a wide variety of employment practices. Explain from which types of discrimination EEO laws protect employees.

- Equal employment opportunity laws cover essentially all areas of employment discrimination and practices. We have protection under Title VII For discriminatory practices that involve protected classes. The protected classes include discrimination by gender, race, national origin, color, and religion. We also have the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is enforced in part by the EEOC, protecting employees with disabilities. Age discrimination laws protect workers over forty years old from work-related discriminatory practices. There are also laws that forbid discrimination based on retaliation. This is to protect workers that are being discriminated against in some way, or workers that report discrimination happening to other workers. This law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against workers that have reported illegal acts.

Another law is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. ...

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This solution discusses EEO laws, discrimination, policies and related procedures. All aspects of both questions are thoroughly discussed in the solution.

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