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Alcoholism, religious advocacy, and English only policies

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1.) In light of the ADA, how should employers deal with employees afflicted by alcoholism? How should employers deal with religious advocacy or proselytizing by employees?

1.) Would you advise employers with multi-lingual workforces to adopt English-only rules? Under what circumstances?

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1. Alcoholism is covered under the ADA. However, companies have the right to demand a workplace that is free from dangers and accommodates the safety of others. Then it is up to the company to draw up policies that are explicit in terms of alcohol use and discipline, performance of the job, safety, and discharging of an employee. The policy should be followed consistently for everyone and when alcohol use affects the job performance or endangers other, action should be ...

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Discussions on The ADA and alcoholism, the rights of religious freedom on the job, and English only policies in the workplace.

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