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    Impact of automation

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    Describe several of the jobs that have gone by the wayside due to automation. Continue with a list of five employer benefits to technological upgrades, five undesirable features of the problem for workers, and reasons why they are affected.

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    Several jobs across different functional areas have gone by the wayside due to automation changes, such as accounts payable and receivable jobs in accounting department, procurement related jobs in supply chain or purchasing department, etc.

    List of Employer benefits:

    One of the most important benefits of automation for the employer is improved efficiency due to elimination of errors, inefficient processes and unnecessary tasks. Employees become more empowered and are able to take quick, informed decisions due to improved technology and automation. Further, automation ...

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    This solution provides several examples of jobs that have been impacted by automation, as well as examples of employer benefits to technological upgrades and undesirable features of the problem for workers.