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    A ten-minute primer on job automation

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    This solution looks at the phenomenon of job automation (definition) and a brief snapshot of some of the current literature on the topic. In addition, some of the occupations that are predicted to be the least susceptible to job automation are discussed.

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    A Ten-Minute Primer on Job Automation

    What is job automation and why is this a major phenomenon in the news? Job automation refers to the risk of an occupation being automated "by means of computer-controlled equipment" instead of human labour (Frey & Osborne, 2013). This automation risk is heightened by advances in machine learning and computer technology. In addition, the increasing capability of automation to affect not only routine and physical tasks, but also cognitive (knowledge-based) and non-routine (inherently difficult for computers to code) tasks, impacts more individuals across a variety of occupations, such as transportation, manufacturing production, sales, and logistics. In the US, a popularly cited figure of 47% indicates that nearly half of all US occupations risk being automated in the future ...

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    The phenomenon of job automation is reviewed- its definition and its current and forecasted impact on the workforce. Some of the future trends and jobs predicted to be least likely automated are also discussed.