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    Technology's application to parking in the city

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    Discuss the use of technology to enhance and improve parking in the city. Define of technology, history, social impact, economic impact, and the future of technology.

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    In today's times, municipalities and city governments across the globe in major cities, such as Melbourne in Australia, use innovative technologies to enable more efficient and accurate parking management. One of these technologies is in-ground sensors. Such sensors allow automatic detection of arrival and departure of cars and helps in checking parking offenses, better utilization of parking space by supporting steady turnover and reduced cost due to automation of the operating procedures to manage such parking spaces. This technology was introduced in 2011 in Australia. In-ground sensors automatically sends signals to handheld devices of parking officer if the vehicle is parked more than the permitted time. These sensors can also be used to track available parking spaces in large parking lots. As cities become much more congested, the deployment of such systems will become a necessity for cities with limited availability of parking areas. Such technologies will be used much more extensively in the future with addition of new features such as integration with driver's smartphones.

    The use of modern technologies in parking has major social and economic impact on the cities in which they are deployed. Such innovative technologies allow busy and congested cities to manage their parking spaces in a much more effective manner, thereby ensuring enhanced convenience for the people living in the city. It reduces parking woes and helps in better utilization of limited parking spaces in the city. Further, such technologies keep a check on parking offenses and keep a check on the drivers as well as encourage them to comply with parking restrictions. From economic perspective, the improved efficiency in parking management not only allows the government to earn more revenues and minimize wastage, but also reduces the operational expenditures due to increased automation and efficiency.


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