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Strategic Staffing

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Steve Ballmer was a college buddy of Bill Gates who has served as CEO of Microsoft since 1990. When he announced that he would be stepping down from this position sometime in 2014, Microsoft also announced that he would be choosing his own successor. First, read the article "Microsoft CEO Ballmer to Retire within Next 12 Months." Next, watch the short video "Who Will Replace Ballmer at Microsoft?"

Then answer the following questions:
- What competitive advantage to you believe that Microsoft has in its industry? What competitive advantage do you believe that it should seek to obtain in the future? (Support your answers.)
- Which of the possible candidates do you think would best contribute to Microsoft's competitive advantage for the future? Explain.
- Do you believe that Steve Ballmer, in his role as CEO, contributes to this competitive advantage? Discuss your opinion on the wisdom of Ballmer choosing his own successor (what are the pros and cons of this?).

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- The competitive advantage that Microsoft has is in the PC operating system industry. The company makes PC compatible operating system and Office software suite. On traditional PCs and Mac, Microsoft still has 91.8 percent share of the market.
- In future, Microsoft should develop competitive advantage in the smart phone operating system market and in the tablet operating system market. The reason is that currently the shipping of smart phones is increasing at 26% and forecasts say that these will increase to 1.9 billion units in 2018 (1). Further, the sales of ultra-mobiles, handhelds, and clamshells are likely to increase in future (2).
- Satya Nadella the head of server business who heads the direct cloud and enterprise products is best ...

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