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Human Resources Management

Labor Negotiations: Public, Private & Sunshine Law

Bargaining Practices Private Sector and Public Sector Bargaining have different constituencies and purposes. Select two key differences of these types of bargaining and defend how the differences work in favor for the constituencies they represent. Briefly summarize the Sunshine Law, and explain why negotiators avoid "Bargaini

Collective Bargaining Process: Boeing Example

- Identify and analyze necessary actions when preparing for and engaging in the collective bargaining process. - Evaluate examples of a collective bargaining process in any industry. - Compare and contrast the different strategies implemented by both the union and management within the chosen industry. - Based on the analys

Training Store Salespersons

You have recently been appointed as a training manager for the southeast region of a major supermarket chain in the U.S. Your territory includes 15 retail stores. Your responsibility involves working directly with store managers and other stakeholders to develop training solutions to meet specific needs of employees in various s

A Clash of Cultures and The Master's Program

A Clash of Cultures 1) Differentiate between the German managers' views and those of the human resources consultant. 2) Correlate the financial impact of reassigning managers to a variety of diverse locations to enhance the organization's competitive business advantage. The Master's Program 1) Summarize the advantages of c

Grievances: Therapeutic and Legalistic Approaches

Differentiate between the therapeutic and legalistic grievance approaches, and provide an example of each type of grievance approach. "To get something for nothing" - managers may believe that this is the rationale behind employees filing grievances. Explain if you agree or disagree with this statement. Provide a rationale fo

Federal Rules and Regulations for Union and Labor Laws

As the Assistant Director of Labor Relations for a 400-bed hospital, employing nearly 3,000 employees, of which 800 are registered nurses. The hospital is the largest hospital in the town of 102,000, competing with two other hospitals for scarce healthcare talent. You watch anxiously as the not-for-profit facility on the east si

Collective Bargaining and the Negotiation Process

1. Suggest two sources of information to which a union or management negotiator could turn to gain relevant information about current wage rates for specific types of labor in a geographic region. 2. Discuss the implications of unfair bargaining actions on the negotiation climate and how to mitigate the possibility of engagin

Centralized Collective Bargaining

Centralized Bargaining 1. Create two scenarios: one in which management would prefer centralized bargaining and one in which the union would prefer centralized bargaining. Provide specific examples to support your response. 2. Determine the type of situation in which both management and the union would prefer centralized

Desiging an Employee Compensation and Benefits Package

1. Choose the type of organization for which you are designing an employee compensation and benefits package. 2. Develop an employee compensation and benefits package for this new position. Support your ideas for the compensation/benefits package. 3. Include a minimum of 3 references.

Job Recruitment and Selection Plan

In this assignment I must review the organization and job description, and Job Matrix. Then, read about the mission and values of the organization, as well as details of the position. Then, develop an outline for my Application Assignment that includes the following sections: Job Analysis, Recruitment Strategy, Selection Tools,

Compensation Of Special Groups and Unions

1. What is the single most important concept about this topic? 2. What would you recommend for your organization to adopt? 3. What are you willing to apply to this topic? 4. What difference will it make to your organization if you or your management would adopt and apply that concept?

Rejected Federal Bailout Money for Banking

Recently, a number of major banks have rejected federal bailout money citing that they did not like the rules that the government placed on them if they took the cash infusion. Research these decision and report your findings. Discuss how self-serving reasoning could play a part in these decisions. Please help me with this rese

Corruption: Impact on Foreign Investment and Capitalism

Write a research paper on the following: What are the effects of corruption on capitalism and foreign investment? Include what the types of corruption are, the effects of corruption on MNCs, and MNCs can deal effectively with these problems. Refer to the following attachments for research purposes and include the different poi

Layoffs, Dismissal Meetings, and Severance Pay

Imagine that you are an office manager and you have been tasked with the job of coordinating and heading the dismissal meeting for an employee layoff. Propose three ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. Describe a step-by-step process of conducting the dismissal meeting a

International Gender Gaps, Management, Culture

International Gender Gap There are many American females working in China and in India. Gender gaps more prevalent, however, exist in other countries such as South Asia, parts of Africa and the Middle East. Research and discuss how women are faring in overseas assignments by American-controlled businesses. Are women holdin

Joint Evaluation vs Separate Preference

Conduct an internet and literature search on the topic of joint versus separate preference reversal. Discuss your findings. In your discussion compare and contrast joint and separate preference reversal. citations helpful Please help me explain this

Pay for Performance Plans

I need to create a 12 slide power point presentation with this information. Can you help with NOTES and IDEAS please? Can you direct me to at least 3 scholarly resources that will help me with my research for each bullet point? Length: 12 slides • Provide an analysis of the significant components of a Pay-for-Performance s

The differences between individual and group decision-making

Conduct an internet search for information on individual versus group decision making. Then, compare and contrast individual and group decision-making. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Are there certain decisions that are better suited to individual decision-making? What bounded awareness issues are found

HRIS Breach: Case Study

HRM 599 Human Resource Management Capstone Week 4 Discussion 1: "HRIS Data Breach (Incident 1)" 1.) Advise how the human resource director of Sweets, Inc. should proceed in this situation. Identify the sensitive data practices that Sweets, Inc. needs to address. Then, recommend how to improve these sensitive data practices

Topics in human resource management

Today more and more employers are using vendors to perform work in both the manufacturing and service sectors. In this module's forum you have the opportunity to discuss the practice of outsourcing tasks or even whole jobs. Employers today outsource some of the major HRM functions (instead of performing the tasks in-house). Fo

Contemporary Feasibility of Human Resource Management

In my essay I stated that the "HRM therefore must change their operation and carry out daily training of the employees and even evaluate them on daily basis". In a fast moving ever changing business world that most organizations operate in today, is this really feasible?

The Process of Implementing a Global Pay Structure

Dear Expert: I have to develop a paper about "The Process of Implementing a Global Pay Structure" but I can title different using the topic. That consist in Write a comprehensive summary of the key findings from literature review (articles and Book used Compensation Milkovich 10 edition) selecting 10 or more current (less than

Building an Effective Manager-Employee Relationship

Often interviews are conducted with existing employees when an organizational diagnoses has been deemed necessary. When interviewing various employees within a company, there may be distrust or fear of rebuttal for unfavorable responses. How would you build a new professional relationship with an employee prior to an interview?

Expatriation: Involvement Of Organization In Global Economy

Think about a specific organization's involvement in the global economy. Does it have expatriates? If so, how does the organization handle the transitions to and from foreign assignments? If the organization did not use foreign assignments, how would you use this information to set up a program to do so? What are the critical

HR Global Practices

Reply to the following: Managing human resources internationally can be challenging. HR practices will change from country to country due to differences in cultures, political, economic and legal systems. It is impossible to effectively manage human resource activities internationally without understanding these differences.

Expatriates & Success

Reply to the following: I have never worked for an organization that was involved with international hires, transfers, and relocations. Working outside of your home country and becoming and expatriate "expat" is not an easy transition, and it is up to the company to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. In our module

Diversity Training in Companies

Diversity Paper: Background information needed to write a paper on diversity training in the workplace. Need enough information to write the following essay: 1. Title: Diversity Today 2. Abstract: The abstract is an "executive overview" of a paper. It should be a 50-to-l00 word summary that would be appropriate to give your