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    Organizational Implications of Human Resource Development

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    1. Using your knowledge of the stages of life and career development, explain how the career issues of a 27-year-old differ from those of a 45-year-old. What are the organizational implications of the issues you identified?

    2. In your experience (both from your own organization and your observation on other organizations) what are the different forms of management education? In your opinion, can they be substituted by training or on the job experiences? Why or why not?

    3. Provide a real example for the case where organization transformation change was a necessary strategy to maintain organizational efficiency. On the other hand, what are the situations/conditions that may hinder the effectiveness of organization transformation change?

    4. In some organizations, cultural diversity efforts meet with resistance from key managers and employees. Identify at least one reason for this resistance and recommend ways it can be overcome. Support your recommendations.

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    1. Based upon my knowledge of the stages of life and career development, a 27-year-old would be in the establishment phase of their career development which would involve issues of finding their place within the organization that they work for. This essentially means that this individual would be seeking to stabilize themselves, and to learn to adapt to their new work environment in order to become a successful employee. This would mean that this individual would be overcoming self-doubts and learning about the variables involved in their work environment, which would differ considerably from the concerns of a 45-year-old individual. The 45-year-old on the other hand would be in the midcareer stage of career development, and this individual's concerns would be more about ensuring that they maintain the progress that has been made within the organization, as well as to continue to gain upward mobility through utilizing their management experience efficiently. In addition, this individual make question their choice of career paths, and consider changing careers if it leads to an acceleration of their upward mobility, satisfaction, and financial gain. The 27-year-old's concerns would also differ ...