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Selection of Imperfect Applicants

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Selecting from Imperfect Applicants
From Exercise 2, evaluate the merits of each of the applicants and summarize each applicant's attributes in a table.
Select one of the applicants from the pool, and develop a rationale that justifies your decision about this applicant's selection.

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Dear Scholar,

Evaluating and selecting an employee from a pool of less than favorable applicants is something that needs careful consideration.

After having evaluated the background of the three applicants provided, it is my belief that Jim Bryce would be the safest choice for a number of reasons. However, let's first look at why the other two applicants are positively not hirable.

This job requires that employees enter the private residences of clients. Chuck Maki has a criminal record for stealing and vandalism. The job also requires operation of heavy and dangerous ...

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This solution evaluates three potential employees through their application to a job. Each of them is an imperfect fit, but is analyzed to determine which would be the most likely to succeed if hired. The paper includes a table which compares a set of criteria and hiring qualifications.

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