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Human Resource Management: Your boss is considering the use of a new predictor.

Your boss is considering the use of a new predictor. The base rate is high, the selection ratio is low, and the validity coefficient is high for the current predictor. What would you advise your boss and why?(Staffing Organizations) 200-300 words APA format.

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Staffing Organizations


Predictors serve as the signals that are implemented by the organizations for predicting the future job performance. In the given situation, the current predictor used by the organization is having high base rate with low selection ratio along with high coefficient validity, which is best in selecting correct and suitable applicant. Base rate depicts the percentage of applicants who would have satisfactory performance in the job if they were employed. Therefore, a high value of base rate is good for the organization (Gunter, 2008).

Selection rate on the other hand, ...

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