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    New Predictor

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    Your boss is considering the use of a new predictor. The base rate is high, the selection ratio is low, and the validity coefficient is high for the current predictor. What would you advise your boss and why?

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    /The boss of a company wants to have a new predictor. In this discussion, it is analyzed that whether the application of the new predictor would be helpful or not. In this series in the first section of the discussion paper, the introduction of the new predictor is given in detail to have the knowledge of his utility.//

    New Predictor

    Predictor entails the degree to which test scores determine the future job behavior of a candidate and helps in selecting or hiring the number of employees successful on the job in the future. It can be easy to select right candidate on the right job with the use of current predictor on the basis of validity coefficient, base rate and selection rate. With respect to ...

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