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The Pros and Cons of Phased Retirement Options

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Please be advice that this is only a discussion not an assignment or a test. I have attached the requirement document for the question below. Thanks

Phased Retirement Options
Analyze the three retirement options you prepared according to the skill builder instructions and make your recommendation to the company about which to implement.
Create a project timeline that allows for the implementation to occur.

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This solution addresses the pros and cons of three individually designed phased retirement options. This is done from an employers perspective based on costs, benefits other pros and cons to include feasibility of acquiring the needed employees.

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Option One-Hourly Paid Consultant/Independent Contractor (while getting full pension and employee retired medical)

Advantages/benefits to company
Advantages/benefits to Employee

1. Easy to structure 1. Can plan ahead when not needed

2. Easy to Plan 2. Allows for extra income

3. Less taxes if hired as a consultant/independent contractor 3. Allows for social network to continue

Disadvantages/costs Disadvantages/Costs

1. Must pay out full pension 1. Not always working

2. Must pay ...

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