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    Managing the Aging Workforce

    22 Pages | 5,839 Words

    This e-Book describes the management of aging workers in an organization. First, it covers current and projected demographic information and the reasons behind the current aging of the labor force. Then, it describes the characteristics of the baby boom generation and physical and cognitive changes commonly associated with aging. Next, it discusses management of the older worker within the workplace, including strategies for adapting to physical and/or cognitive changes, issues common to the baby boom generation, motivation, communication, and building on strengths while compensating for weaknesses. It also considers the positive contributions that result from an older worker?s experiences, thought processes, values, and flexibility. This book is ideal for any college-level course of study and for managers, human resource professionals, and others who are involved in managing an older worker or is contemplating doing so.

    This book is ideal for undergraduate business students as well as students who are taking upper year courses in workplace diversity and management.