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    Scanning, envisioning, and reframing

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    Give an example in which envisioning, scanning, and reframing is used to find a new solution to an HR problem.

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    I have outlined a response for you to use. Please add information specific to the three requested areas and the work of HR. This example is a real company, so I have changed the names.

    Caren Rigsby* is the Direct of Human Resources and Management Strategies for the largest construction company in North Central Florida. The company has two major problems, employee turnover, especially during a time when most people are holding onto their jobs tightly, and scheduling and cost overruns for individual projects. The president of the company, in the field all day most days, is frustrated because each site he visits has workers working and progress on each project. He cannot understand the problems, let alone the reasons for them. He asked Caren, at the Friday supervisor's meeting, to find out why people were leaving and if that was the cause of scheduling problems.
    Caren had been looking at the problem for several months. In her mind, the problem was bigger than just the leaving of people to other jobs.

    It was getting harder to attract skilled workers as well as keep the laborers that left so quickly after being hired. Her first goal was to make the company attractive to skilled carpenters, other trade workers, and subcontractors. She believed part of the problem lay in the wages of the employees and paying of individuals and companies that performed subcontract work. The president of the company, Whit, often hired subcontractors based on their prior employment with his company. If they could gain and keep employees at all levels, the company would have an excellent reputation not only for building, but also for being a trustworthy company for people to work. Another problem for Caren, the firing process. People were fired for ambiguous and sometimes, not viable reasons.

    Her first choice was to change the hiring system and the firing system. A look at companies in ...

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    As per the assignment request, an outline of how a company HR used reframing, envisioning, and scanning to improve the company and reduce problems.