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    HR Issues and Challenges Related to Technology - Telework

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    Based on the 3 journal articles attached, please provide a 3 page summary of the benefits, challenges, and implication of teleworking.

    Should be 12 point font, double spaced, with 1" margins all around.

    Please cite properly with APA format, with references on the 4th page.

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    //In the global working environment, teleworking is found to be very effective in increasing the overall organization effectiveness and efficiency. In this regard, the following discussion will focus on the benefits provided by teleworking along with challenges and its implications.//

    Benefits of Teleworking

    Teleworking has provided benefits to both the organization and individuals. For the organizations, its benefits include improvement in the productivity, fewer turnovers of employees, reduction in the absenteeism rate, increased organizational commitment, gaining diversity in the talents, fewer expenses and enhanced morale, and satisfaction of the employees. On the other hand, at the individual level, the benefits of teleworking include proper work-life balance, proper management of health issues, increase in autonomy, increase in the technical skills, management of family time and improvement in the quality of life (Madsen, 2011). Teleworking has provided employees the flexibility to work from outside the premises of office. Thus, teleworking provides an employee with a virtual working environment. A major benefit identified for teleworking is that it helps in increasing the economies of scale by providing employment opportunities to low-wage countries. Moreover, it helps in building employee loyalty and helps in managing the work overload. Moreover, it provides flexibility to women workforce (Baard & Thomas, 2010).

    Teleworking or anywhere working benefits are increased productivity, better employee retention, the cost saving of real estate, better sustainability in the ...

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