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Telework programs for for-profit companies

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You are an organizational manager for a for-profit company. Develop a forum post that addresses the following:

Can offering employees the opportunity to participate in a structured telework program benefit an organization? Consider the recent controversial decisions by companies such as Yahoo and BestBuy. What advice would you give to senior executives considering a telework option for their organization?

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The employer has benefits from the telecommuting work arrangement. Telework eliminates trips to and from the office for workers. Teleworkers are typically 10 - 30 percent more productive and efficient because of the reduced office related distractions. The amount of absenteeism is decreased because telework employees take two to four fewer sick days every year as compared to other employees. The employees view telework as an employee perk and employer trust. The employer has decreased overhead costs related to the office space, equipment, and employee parking. Employers can use telework as an employee perk and an attractive recruitment tool. Further, an employer can recruit employees across the state or country.

Employees receive benefits from telework. Employees save a lot of preparation time getting ready for work and ...

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The expert examines telework programs for for-profit companies.

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