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Two companies that provide the option of telecommuting

Can you find two positions with different companies that provide the option of telecommuting. Why are they suited for telecommuting? What disadvantages you see with performing the work described remotely (if any)?

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IBM and Republic Bancorp allow telecommuting for their IT-related employees. These companies also allow telecommuting for certain other class of employees as well, but IT-related employees is the biggest category of employees.

The advantages of telecommuting to employers are as follows:
- Economics: The primary saving for companies embarking upon the telecommuting philosophy is the reduction in the amount of office space required to conduct business. Companies are cutting their real estate costs by implementing a telecommuting plan. For example, IBM took away the desks of more than five thousand of its employees and told them to work at home, in their car, or at their client's offices. IBM expected to save between 15 to 20 percent in space requirements.
- Expanded pool of Potential Employees: Telecommuting benefits the employer because they have an expanded ...

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