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    Ford HR

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    1. Key Components of Ford Auto Industry HR System.
    2. Metrics of Ford HR systems
    3. Best Practices in Ford HR Systems
    4. Ford's automotive Issues, Trends and Challenges

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    1. Key Components of Ford Auto Industry HR System.
    1. There are staffing problems with an impending shortage of suitable workers.
    2. Automotive labor is in short supply;
    3. There are strong movements to increase productivity gains. In other words the workers produce more per person.
    4. Through efficiency measures the companies are decreasing the need for labor.
    5. Those manufacturers that offer higher wage rates are able to attract more and better workers.
    6. The labor for the automotive market production process is mainly local and paying higher wages increases the spatial area from which they can recruit workers compared to those companies that recruit at lower wages.
    7. The HR systems have to be flexible to meet the requirements of changing markets and the need for relocation of plants.
    8. In the Ford automotive industry there is a need to identify and develop leaders who can lead the organization with winning strategies.
    9. In the Ford ...

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