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    Three Landmark pieces of legislation enacted within the last forty years are ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA. Discuss the motivation for the enactment of these pieces of legislation and the major provisions of each law.

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    The Employee retirement Income Security (ERISA) deals with the standards for retirement and health benefit plans for private industry to conduct accordingly to the federal law. The COBRA is the consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Health for the continuation of healthcare when the employee status is now terminated. The HIPPA is the health insurance portability and accountability act for amending the employee retirement income security to provide certain rights and protections that falls under such provision. Thus, the focus is on the core attributes of each landmark legislation that define to the main purpose for protection when dealing with employment.

    Consider, the ERISA core attributes as the motivation factor to creating such legislation is in the regards to meeting certain minimum standards to prior unproductive or unethical company's practices. Thus, the need for ERIS developed a federal law for companies to abide by the formation of benefit plans that refrain from discrimination or lack thereof coverage, ranging from life to disability. The primary objective for the ERISA is centered on compliance and the assistance of the ERISA law to outline such compliance criteria for implementation. Focus on the main areas of importance to how and what ERISA covers and/or supports in the compliance field of reference, such as:

    a) The plan for retirement plans to assure structure and fair documentation is clarified with the clearance of regular and state law (try and on the ethical issues in dealing retirement plans to assure the employer follows ...

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    This is a review into ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA requirements for employees to assure proper management of health benefits conducted accordingly.