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    Secondhand smoking in the workplace

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    If the employer has a smoking policy that bans smoking from the workplace, employees should respect that policy. Sometimes, employees that smoke see the employer as they are trying to change their lives. It is important to know that smokers make their own choice to start smoking and employers have the right to have policy to prevent smoking in the workplace. I get very disgruntled when we go outside our dental clinic to pick up garbage that people dropped around our dental clinic, it does irritate me when I have to pick up cigarette butts and I don't even smoke. Second hand smoke can be dangerous to people that do not smoke and have asthma. I believe the employer has the right to ban smoking from his/her establishment. By doing so, he is taking care of another human being and saving money on medical insurance for his employees. This is not about production, this is about providing the employees a safe working environment free of smoke. I respect smokers, they made a personal decision to smoke and I'm there for them as a care provider and talk to them about the consequences of smoke on their health.

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