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Teacher: I need a raise!

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After my enlistment in the military and the continuous separation from my children, I would have to say any job or profession that required me to be away from my family would be a factor that would make me quit a job. Upon separating from the military, my daughter was 6 years old, well due to deployments and unaccompanied duty assignments I missed 3 years of her life. I'm still trying to make up for that lost time and it's been almost 2 years since I've end my military career. My recent career path, a teacher, has everything to do with my children and family. When my children are out of school for summer vacations, spring and winter, plus holidays, I am off work as well. Not to mention I love teaching!. Now I must be honest the pay is not that rewarding financially. In Texas children are required pass a test in order to be promoted to the next grade level. This testing begins in the 3rd grade, so a teachers performance has a direct reflection on the students test results. I definitely think teacher should be rewarded if not paid more annually. Education is very serious and we all need it, so the adults providing that very necessary need should be shown some sort of gratitude financially. I really enjoying teaching as many of my colleague do, so we continue to do our job because of our desire. Therefore, the school district has no worries about me leaving my job. However, there are a few teachers I know who also love their job, but because of the financial status are unable to continue teaching. So I really think there should be a review in a teacher salary.

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This is an interesting post. The writer lays out many reasons for deserving a raise, such as the seriousness of the profession and his dedication to the profession. These are valid, however, I am not sure they are reasonable justification for a raise. Of course the job our teachers perform is ...

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