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    Understaning the FBA

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    I need assistance, as I am having trouble with understanding FBA. After reading the presentation Functional Behavior Assessment (http://www.behavioradvisor.com/FBA.html), respond to the following case and questions:

    Scenario: Johnny is a third grade student with ADHD and has an IEP. He continues to hit other students on the playground. He has been given consequences for his behavior on multiple occasions. There does not appear to be change in his behavior. You are a special education teacher and have been asked to help Johnny's general education teacher.

    What are your first steps?
    What is the purpose of conducting an FBA?
    What do you think is the function of Johnny's behavior? (You can make a hypothesis)
    What would Johnny's behavior intervention plan look like?
    Discuss any experiences you have had with behavior management and how you plan on using best practices in behavior and classroom management to create an effective learning environment.

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    The first step would be to complete an assessment to evaluate the student and implement a behavioral intervention plan. This measure can be carried out using an 'ABC Chart'. An assessment using the ABC chart keeps track of the student's behavior in all of his classes. The ABC assessment chart measures the antecedent, behavior, and consequence of behavior. The measure looks for what happened before the behavior, what was the behavior and the consequence; such as the classmates laugh, teacher warns the student, even detentions are noted on the chart.

    The purpose of conducting a FBA is to develop a behavior intervention plan (BIP) that encourages the individual to engage in alternative social behaviors to replacement the bad behavior. In addition, the FBA serves to address challenging behaviors. Hypothesis: Johnny hit student on the playground because he lack social skills.

    First the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) would list the data collection summary. The summary would list his experiences; activities that desensitize him and often stimulate the negative behaviors. Listed on the BIP the replacement behaviors, how the replacement behaviors are taught, how will the replacement behavior be implemented across all settings, the goals, some of the reinforcements that the student will work for, and explain how the progress will be monitored.

    First and foremost, teachers have considerable influence over student behavior. This is particularly true if interventions begin early and are supported at ...

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