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How do I use learning centers in elementary classrooms?

Centers and Stations - I need lots of examples for what this would look like - specific and general. Please include the use of technology and computers. I need LOTS of examples.

Also, I need some information on student attention and participation during teacher-led activities.

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Example from 5th grade math:
The following could apply in a self-contained classroom, or in a situation where students only come to math for one period each day.
Two computer stations are set up in the room. During individual practice time, students go, two at a time, to the site: http://www.mathmastery.com/cyberchallenge/. Students complete the multiplication tables and print out their score for the teacher. This helps the teacher assess student progress.
If the students were in the class for one period each day, it would probably take about a week to get all the students through a particular website or activity. In a self-contained setting, it could be accomplished in one day.

Additional ideas utilizing learning centers in 5th grade (math or another subject):
Teachers have various centers set up in the room that students can visit upon completing assigned work, or during "center time." Center ideas include:
Book/Library Station on current topic of study on various reading levels
Math ...