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Employee Benefits Package

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You are Vice President of Human Resources for a small high technology hardware and software firm. Your company has just won two substantial contracts and you have been directed to improve your company's rather paltry Employee Benefits program in order to attract and retain the quality employees necessary to complete the government contracts. You may assume at this point that your company has only limited employee health insurance coverage with no other benefits other than state and federally mandated insurances. Your job is to design and implement a full-blown employee benefits program. Describe the employee benefits package that you would design for your employees.

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Employee Benefits Package

- Considering the nature of the business' operation and the area that it's engaged in - IT (Software/Hardware) - and focusing on, it automatically becomes clear that the calibre of employees that will be taken on, i.e., Programmers, Systems Analyst, IT Administrators, Data Managers etc., will contribute immensely to the progress and profitability of the organisation; their high skills status will, no doubt, shape and mould the core competencies. It is core skills of this form that will allow the firm to sustain a desirable competitive advantage.

- It is crucial that you predetermine, at the very onset, going by what I have highlighted in the previous paragraph, precisely what you want the EBP to achieve; in other words its objectives should be determined, which, essentially, should be 'employee retention to engender efficient performance.'

- They ought to be seen to be valued by showing a keen interest in their performance which can be linked to a generous benefits package. PCL Construction in Canada is a good case in point. ...

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