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    Targeting Benefits Based on Generation Need

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    Baby Boomers are thinking about retirement and health care benefits, that's one of the incentives I would offer them. Health Care Benefits with special incentives for when they retire. According to our text book one of the things Baby Boomers look for in a job is "The big one is probably to provide opportunities for flexible (and often abbreviated) work schedules.One survey found that flexibility was the main concern for 71% of Baby Boomers, with those who continue working preferring to do so part time" ( Dessler, 2013). With that being said I would allow them flexible work schedules and let them know they will not get discriminated for being of an older age; which is a concern for a lot of the Baby Boomers.

    Generation X and Y are the complete opposite, except they also want the flexible schedule which I would make sure and offer as well. I would emphasize that there are opportunity to grow within the company and promotions are very competitive. Generation X and Y are the younger generation and are always looking for ways to improve which is where I would offer help with college tuition or give away free scholarship to those that excel.

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    Just as it is important to target marketing messages to consumers it is also important to target benefits to employees. As the post points out, each generation is driven by different needs. One may appeal to an older workforce by offering ...

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