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    Personal Human Resources Experience

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    I am looking for a good HR personal experience relating to military or specifically Navy.

    Think about the last interaction that you had with the Human Resource function of an organization. What were you trying to achieve through your interaction? Was it a positive or negative experience? Why do you think it turned out that way? Did the HR person(s) that you met with deal with the situation in a professional manner? Do you have a positive impression of the organization based on this experience?

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    In the military the Human Resources (HR) department is actually called the Administrative Section but performs almost all of the same duties. My last interaction with HR was in regards to my compensation benefits. I was promoted to a higher rank and my pay should have reflected a ...

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    An expert's personal positive HR experience in the military, including his impression of the organization as a result of the experience, and some insight into the institutions administrative process. 200+ words.