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    Toyota: Strategy After Recalls

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    Part 1:
    Review Toyota company's actions in the 2012-2013 recalls.

    Discuss the following:

    - Provide your assessment of the action Toyota took after making these recalls. How successful or unsuccessful did you find this strategy? Explain why.
    - What other strategies would you have recommended Toyota use in this case? How could these strategies have helped the company?

    Part 2
    - Would you rather use a customized or standardized approach when conducting job analysis? Explain and support your answer with reasoning.
    - Would you rather use a customized or standardized approach when analyzing competencies? Explain and support your answer with reasoning.
    - In your opinion, is it more important for a company to customize job and competency analyses, so each is treated individually, or to standardize them, so each is treated in the same way? Explain.

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    Step 1
    My assessment of the action taken by Toyota after making the recalls is moderately positive. The strategy has been moderately successful. The first sets of actions were related to the employees of the company. They were given information that was correct, factual, and short. There were employee morale building measures. There were events organized to appreciate the employees and their contribution. Internal communication was improved and a large social media team was built. Also Toyota launched its plan for rebuilding its intranet so that employees are better connected. This method has been successful because the morale of Toyota workers after the recalls has improved.
    From the point of view of production and improving the product, Toyota has decided to go back to the principles of Toyota Production System. The company intends to do self reflection, listen to ...

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