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HR Effectiveness and Job Analysis

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Reply to the following in 1 or 2 paragraphs:

What does an organization need to do to ensure an effective HR department?

A job analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for them (Dessler, 2013). In the case with the company and the new vice president coming on board he has to get everyone under the same salary structure. Seeing how he used to be a consultant for one of the companies, he already has an inside track on the organization.

What can the HR department do to ensure its effectiveness?

In order to have an effective HR department I think recruitment and selection is important because putting the wrong people in the job could be detrimental to the organization, have an effective EEO compliance program, performance appraisal to let each employer know where they stand as far as job performance, compensation, this will entail required skills and education level, safety hazards, degrees of responsibility, and training, in order to stay proficient training should be conduct semi or annually.

And what role do employees play in helping to achieve this goal?

To achieve their goals the employee must stay proficient in their specific job skills, continue training, competencies include knowledge, ability, and values, which define what is expected from those who work in HR and form the basis for assessment and improvement in the quality of HR professionals

(Ulrich, Brockbank, Johnson, & Younger, 2007).

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I agree a job analysis is a worthwhile procedure to better understand the positions and duties of a company. It has been used widely by many organizations, including the government, to effectively determine "detailed knowledge about the scope, responsibilities, and tasks for a particular job" (Moseley, Dessinger, 2009). As a new vice president, having an accurate job analysis available would ...

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