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How HR Can Assess Job Effectiveness

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What might an HR professional do to assess the overall effectiveness of a given job within the organization?

Please list references.

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This 532-word solution provides detailed instructions with examples of how an HR professional can assess the overall effectiveness of a given job within an organization. The solution includes a sample outline with links to websites that will support completion of the assignment.

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You may wish to consider including the following as a response to the stated question:

Mission Statement - Expand on how the organization's goals and objectives as outlined in the company Mission Statement form the foundation for the types of jobs within the organization. Mission Statements are often reviewed and/or revised annually and are usually available from the company's website or in employee handbooks or other materials.

Employee Performance - Discuss how the company's recruitment practices, employee training, performance evaluation procedures, etc. affect the types of employees working in any given job assignment. Consider if the strengths and/or weaknesses of employees have any bearing on whether the job is effective or ineffective.
Do a web search of your question and you will find numerous scholarly articles that you can use as source ...

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