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    HR in the modern global, political era, both small and larger companies

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    * Give a concrete example of a way in which human resources management can contribute to competitive advantage.
    * In your opinion, which part of human resources management is most key to developing and sustaining a firm's competitive advantage? Why?
    * What steps do you think HR personnel should take to address stakeholders' concerns?

    * Explain how a member of the HR Triad could meet responsibilities of external environments. Is doing so more or less challenging than meeting the requirements of organizational environments. Why?
    * In your opinion, how have economic globalization and the political landscape each shaped human resources management? What should HR managers be aware of and respond to in relation to these issues?
    * Suppose you discover that the company for which you work, as an HR employee, has hired workers in unfair labor conditions. What action would you take, if any, and why?

    * In your opinion, what are the two best ways of settling disputes between employers and employees? Support your answer with examples.
    * Suppose you are in charge of HR at a mid-size firm. How would you encourage fair treatment practices in terms of diversity and inclusion?
    * Suppose you are in charge of HR at a small mom-and-pop company. How would you encourage avoidance of harassment within the company?

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    1. This could be accomplished by strict hiring practices and the lowest possible competitive wages and benefits.

    2. Instituting the lowest cost health insurance plan. This would allow for lower costs for this extremely expensive line item.

    3. Concerning globalization, I would ensure the HR staff is very well educated and efficient and ensure that through various means stay abreast of global economic changes and challenges. Concerning the political landscape I would ...

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