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    Impact of Instability on non-government organizations

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    What is the impact of political and social instability on non-government organizations in general?

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    Obviously political or social unrest can disrupt a government, but just as a change of government can affect the positions in government, it can also affect private industry, not only in the country of the government but also within other countries, particularly those that do business with the private organization. One of the most recent examples of political unrest in that of Ukraine. Before the Russian federation made moves to annex Crimea, Ukraine was in the works of joining the European Union, a move that would have helped business and private companies in the country, as well as the other companies in the European Union. As movements were poised to be made for this transition, the Russian ...

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    This solution discusses the impact of political and social instability on non-governmental organizations in general. Three APA references are provided to aid in the political understanding.