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    EEOC & Accountability

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    Question I
    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's stated mission is to stop and remedy unlawful employment discrimination. With a 2015 federal budget of over $365 million dollars, they will process over 88,000 cases against private and public sector firms. Since 2008, they have asked to significantly increase their budget to pursue more cases. If you were the U.S. President, would you agree with them? Why, or why not?

    Question 2
    Being accountable is critical today more than ever. Accountability can have both a positive and negative effect on workplace relationships. Please think about how you hold yourself accountable and answer the following questions:
    1)How we can use techniques to maintain positive accountability.
    2) What techniques can you use (or currently use) to hold yourself accountable?
    3)What techniques can you use to hold others accountable for their actions?
    4) Also, how do these accountability techniques impact workplace relationships?

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    If I were the US President, I will not agree with them. If the cases processed by the private and public sector firms actually address unlawful employment discrimination and lead to convictions, the EEOC can impose compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are paid to the victim but the punitive damages and fines imposed can finance the operations of EEOC. If there is a large percent of conviction, with an increase in the number of cases the fines collected from offenders will also increase. Currently, as the US budget has a high fiscal deficit, significantly increasing the budget of the EEOC to pursue more cases will be an unreasonable burden on the US taxpayer. Further, with the economy still slow in its growth, it is reasonable to deny the EEOC request. The main ...

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