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    Time Management: Change

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    Using relevant theories, write about your personal aptitude for change management and the implications of this for your future career.(assignment question attached as "Coursework Brief MOIC.docx")

    I've attached what I was able to write in the document labelled "MOIC.docx". Now I would like to write about; time management. What theories can I use and how can I write it in a way that uses critical evaluation and coherent arguments. I'm seeking material for about 400-500 words, so as much as you can provide is much appreciated! If you need more information on the outline or scope of this subject, I've also attached some slides that are relevant to this assignment.

    P.s. If referencing (of any kind) can be provided that would be great too :)

    Thank you

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    Step 1
    Time management is difficult for me. I have to balance work and life needs in an alien environment. Specifically, I have never taken been exposed to an hour of travelling in public transport in Malaysia and the situation creates new challenges for me (1).
    I will use theories of time management to optimize my utilization of time. First, I will discuss my time management with a peer and understand my current stage of development. There are four generations of time management. In the first generation, notes and checklists are used. In the second generation, calendar and appointment books are used to schedule events and future activities. In the third generation the focus is on setting goals. in this generation of time management there is clarifying of values, comparing ...

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    This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of time management in context of change in personal life. The response also contains the sources used.