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    Reaction to the Senate's Rejection of Gun Background Checks

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    Please provide a synopsis and analysis of the following article, as well as your own reaction.

    Senate rejects expanded gun background checks
    By Ted Barrett and Tom Cohen, CNN


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    Most recently we've seen numerous bills proposed in the federal and state government look to regulate the purchase and selling of firearms by the civilian populous. In saying this, the United States Senate has recently rejected expanding gun background checks for firearm sales, ban on semi-automatic weapons, and high capacity magazines. A recent article written by CNN contributors Ted Barrett and Tom Cohen titled "Senate rejects expanded gun background checks" reviews some of the issues that contributed to the rejected gun control package recommended by Democratic leaders.

    The proposed gun package included tougher laws on gun trafficking, straw purchases, and school safety while expanding background checks for private firearm sales. Though there were many Republican Party supporters of the firearm package, the breaking point in my opinion was the proposed reinstatement of semi-automatic weapons that resembled military styles guns and high capacity magazines. In order for the legislative amendments to be approved, it required 60 votes from seat holders; the final vote outcome was 54 to 46 - 4 less than the required 60. The downplay of the gun package resulted in what many call as backlash from President Obama and Vice President Biden accusing ...

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    Reactions to the senate's rejection of gun background checks are examined.