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Direct & Indirect Violence

I need assistance with understanding direct violence, indirect violence (structural violence and cultural violence), and positive/negative peace.

Here is an article that may be of interest: Parsons, Kenneth A. "Structural violence and power." Peace Review: A journal of social justice 19.2 (2007): 173-181.

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The article you have attached is good and provides great insight. I advise that you review it as you are right, it's a good source. My purpose here however is to give you the immediate guidance that you need. So as with the previous solutions I have written for you, I will explain these concepts in the form of an advice.

First, let's start with direct violence. What is it? Direct violence is targeted violence - the immediate effect of an action intended to harm and/or negatively impact others. IN terms of war, it is the direct cost of war - death of soldiers, death of civilians, displacement and loss of home for people affected, loss of lives. A good example would be the situation in Syria - those affected by direct violence are the citizens that have taken arms against the government and of course the soldiers and the citizens of towns and cities that are the sites of battles and ...

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The direct and indirect violence is examined. Positive and negative peace assistance are examined.