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The administrators' challenges in modern policing

This problem addresses the challenges that a contemporary police administrator will have to face in the criminal justice system and will direct the student to determine what the actual function of the "administrator" might be from a variety of police department methods. It suggests issues that the administrator must face, the types of policing, the socialization, the new types of crimes, and what it will require of officers to bring them to trial, breaking them down into the variety of issues and choices in making administrative decisions. The paper will suggest a variety of crimes that must be addressed, including some that did not exist until the present time. The student should be able to present a thorough discussion with the topics that can be addressed.

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Major Issues in Policing in today's society

My suggestion to you is to address the following topics that challenge police in today's society:

Major Issues:

Is the function of the police officer to protect or enforce?

? Is the public hostile toward or accepting of the police officers today
o Group association - are individual police officers identified with the whole group of officers
Dependence on one another in the force
The "thin blue line."
o Positive power of the police (NOTE: This is not "positive" in the sense that it is appropriate, but exhibits the type of "power," that police can use
Ability to ...

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This solution addresses the types of policing the administrator may choose, the socialization of officers under his/her command, positive and negative power of police, community relations, and the needs of the men and women under his/her command. It will suggest topics of consideration that the administrator will most assuredly face in his or her position.