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Family Law

Fast Food Family Law Case is presented.

THE CASE Caesar Barber, from the Bronx, New York, weighs 272 pounds. He filed a lawsuit against McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, and Burger King for contributing to his weight problem. He has a number of health problems commonly associated with high weight - two heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, and h

Spousal Testimony

During trial, the wife of the main subject, also charged as a co-conspirator, makes an offer of cooperation in return for a lighter sentence. During a meeting with you, the AUSA, the wife, and her lawyer, she states she is willing to testify against her husband. She states that among other things, her husband told her in detail

Juvenile Probation Uses

1. What is the purpose of juvenile probation? 2. Identify some main conditions of juvenile probation and discuss the major responsibilities of the juvenile probation officer. 3. As a probation officer, what would be a good approach to "reaching" juveniles?

Domestic Dispute Advice

Jodie and Aden have been living together for two years. Their home is registered in the sole name of Aden. Jodie has made no financial or other contribution to the property. The relationship has always been stormy but during the past six months Aden has resorted to violence and abuse. During the past six months the police have

Public and private law regarding minors using 900 numbers is discussed.

The Telecommunications Group of DWI owns and Operates several local telephone companies. One service that DWI provides to its commercial customers is the use of "900 numbers" by which third-parties (clients of DWI customers) receive products & services. Billing for these products and services is delineated as charges owed to DWI

Divorce Family Law Quiz: Ontario Law

The Divorce Family Law Quiz based on Ontario Law Questions: 1. Definition of a "Spouse:" What, if any, of the following types of relationships are included in the definition of "spouse" for the purpose of sharing family property? (a) common law couples who have lived together for one years (b) common law couples who h