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    Death Penalty Legislation

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    Resource: http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/, locate the Facts section, and select the Recent Legislative Activity link. Upon entering the Changes in Death Penalty Laws Around the U.S.: 2000-2005 page, select the link which corresponds to New York.

    Write a 75-100 word response to each of the following:
    With which current issues does New York's legislation deal?
    What legislative decisions have been made in New York since the year 2000? Is there any pending legislation? Describe the legislation.
    What is your opinion on the legislation you identified?

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    Have you checked out the website yet/ If not, do that now. Click on New York on the left hand side to check out the information regarding death penalty status, and then go back to the home page and chick on the recent legislation.

    Let's take a closer look at New York and potential information for you to consider.

    1. With which current issues does New York's legislation deal?

    The only current issue listed is about overruling the death penalty first in 2004 and then in 2007:

    "New York High Court Overturns Last Death Sentence Because Statute is Unconstitutional The New York Court of Appeals ruled today (October 23, 2007) that the death sentence of the last remaining inmate on the state's death row was unconstitutional under state law. John Taylor's sentence will be changed to life in prison without parole. An earlier decision by the state's high court in 2004 overturned the state's statute because of flaws in the jury instructions. (People v. LaValle). Following hearings on the problems with capital punishment in the state, the New York legislature has repeatedly rejected attempts to re-instate the death penalty. (Associated Press, NY Times, Oct. 23, 2007). New York is now in the same position of other states such as Massachusetts where the death penalty law was overturned and the legislature has not re-instated capital punishment. This leaves 37 states with death penalty laws in the country." ...

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    This solution discusses current issues dealing with the death penalty in the New York's legislation, including legislative decisions that have been made in New York since the year 2000 or if there were any pending legislation followed by a discussion of these death penalty issues.