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    Death Penalty Legislation: Pennsylvania

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    Navigate to the Death Penalty Information Center Web site at http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/, locate the Facts section, and select the Recent Legislative Activity link. Upon entering the Changes in Death Penalty Laws Around the U.S.: 2000-2005 page, select the link for Pennsylvania.

    Respond to each of the following questions.
    1. With which current issues does your state's legislation deal?
    2. What legislative decisions have been made in the state since the year 2000? Is there any pending legislation? Describe the legislation.
    3. What is your opinion of the legislation you identified?

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    Dear Student,
    As you have asked, I have reviewed the particular site on the recent legislative activities in Pennsylvania on Death Penalty & I have answered each of your particular questions (3) in as straightforward an answer as possible. Here is the particular link to the section itself:


    You can visit this section so as to gather your own thoughts on the matter to either expand the opinions I am presenting or to find contrary issues that you can use for class discussion.

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    1. Current Issues dealt with by Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania Commission is terribly concerned with incidences of wrongful ...

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