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    Variance on Capital Punishment: Pennsylvania & California

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    Please assist so that I can complete this assignment:

    ?Research your state's criminal procedures and choose a crime to review. (My state is Pennsylvania).

    ?Locate a state that has a variance in their procedures for the same crime. (Any State).

    Describe the similarities and differences between the procedures of the same crime within the two states.

    ?Use APA formatting guidelines to reference sources.

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    Dear Student,
    The solution below is a concise guide. While both states give out capital punishment, they differ in the rigidness in laying it down as well as possibilities of reversals of such decisions.

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    First Degree Murder in Pennsylvania

    Considered a Capital offense punishable by death penalty in the state, intended murder of the first degree was the charge sought by Berks County Prosecutors against Albert Perez, 27. He is said to have killed his ex girlfriend and her 5-year old daughter, making it look like a murder suicide. For more on this case, please follow the link below -


    The 1978 Statute on Capital punishment in Pennsylvania works this way,

    "The death penalty may only be applied in cases where a defendant is found ...

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    The solution provides a discussion on the variance of the criminal justice & law enforcement practices. In particular it provides a detailed discussion on the way capital punishment is interpreted by way of first degree murder; the solution compares the punishment for said capital crime in the State of Pennsylvania & California. The solution provides each state's interpretation & definition of capital punishment & the laws that govern it; for expansion of information provided in the solution, references are provided. It is written in APA format. A word version is attached.