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    One-Way Analysis of Variance with SPSS.

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    One-Way Analysis of Variance with SPSS.

    o State the statistical assumptions of this test.
    o Given a data set, select an independent variable with two or more levels and a dependent variable.
    o Develop the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis for main effects.
    o Using SPSS, calculate an ANOVA. Include a post hoc test.
    o Report on the p value and the confidence interval.
    o Interpret the confidence interval.
    o Decide whether to reject or retain the null hypothesis based on main effects and/or post-hoc statistical tests.
    o Generate syntax and output files in SPSS. You will need to copy and paste these into your Application document.

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    â?¢ The data should be normality distributed
    â?¢ The standard deviations in the population should be equal ((homogeneity of variances).
    â?¢ Cases are independent



    Independent variable (outcome): view on capital punishment (cappun)
    Dependent variables: feelings about the bible (bible) and frequency of attending religious services (attend).


    Null: Feelings about capital punishment will be unrelated to feelings about the bible and frequency of church attendance.
    Alternative: Feelings about capital punishment will be related to feelings about the bible and frequency of ...

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    Your tutorial takes two variables and creates a test about views on capital punishment and religiosity. The variables selected, the assumption of ANOVA and the procedures to complete this in SPSS are shown (including screen shots of SPSS so you can see how to work the software).