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ANOVA Analysis Of College Student's Age Survey

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Hi Martin!

Ok, this little project is dealing with ANOVA tests. I have some data that I have collected from a range of students at freshman to senior levels, and need the ANOVA tests and interpretation results for them. Here are the exact instructions:

1). You are required to visit a local college , find out the age group of particpants who are freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. You need to find the age of 10 participants across each level.

2). Compute a one way ANOVA to determine whether there are significant age differences across years in college (freshman, sophomores, juniors, an seniors). Report your results in the APA format and write a short interpretation.

3). Save the SPSS output, and name it PSY2008_W7_A1_Lastname_Firstinital.spv.

Write interpretation in a Word dox, name the document : SU_PSY2008_W7_A1_Lastname_Firstinitial_.dox.

Here is my data I collected from Edison Community College, Ft. Myers, FL
Freshman: 7- 18 y/o; 1 - 20 y/o; 1- 25 y/o; 1- 66 y/o
Sophomore: 2 - 19 y/o; 2 - 26 y/o; 2 - 27 y/o; 3 - 39 y/o; 1 - 52 y/o
Junior: 1 - 21 y/o; 3 - 24 y/o; 2 - 35 y/o; 1 - 42 y/o; 1 - 44 y/o; 2 - 48 y/o
Senior: 4 - 22 y/o; 2 - 24 y/o; 3 - 29 y/o; 1 - 33 y/o.

Thanks so much. If any questions, do not hesitate to contact me! Thank you!

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ANOVA analysis of college student`s age survey is examined.

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One-Way ANOVA Analyses in SPSS
Using Sample Analysis of Student Ages & Year in College
The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) compares the means of three or more groups of samples to determine if they are statistically, significantly different. ANOVA compares the means of the groups based on one independent variable (or factor). In this example, the independent factor is the student's year in college, and the means being compared are the ages of the students in each year of college.
IN SPSS, you may find One-Way ANOVA analyses under the Analyze menu. First you select, "Compare Means," and on the resulting menu, choose One-Way ANOVA. The dependent variables, in this case, "Age," are moved into the box "Dependent List." The independent variable (factor), in this case, "Year in College," is then moved into the box "Factor." You may also select "Options," to instruct SPSS to compute and tabulate Descriptives and Homogeneity of Variance. ...

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