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Debate on Death Penalty

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? Debate: Should the death penalty be abolished? Because you may or may not already have a strong opinion about the death penalty, the instructor will arbitrarily assign you and your classmates to a specific viewpoint. Should you be assigned to a viewpoint with which you disagree, consider it an opportunity to expand your knowledge of what "the other side" thinks about the issue. As a result, you will have a more holistic understanding of the death penalty when the debate concludes.

? The instructor will divide the class into two debate clusters: Keep the Death Penalty and
Abolish the Death Penalty.
* Assuming your assigned viewpoint. Debate your position with any student who has the opposite viewpoint. Refer to the below list of talking points for debate topics.

* If you were assigned to Keep the Death Penalty:
? The death penalty does not violate the Eighth Amendment because...
? The death penalty is morally justified because...
? The death penalty deters criminal behavior because...
? The death penalty is fairly applied to convicts regardless of race because...
? Wrongful conviction is not a death penalty problem because...

* If you were assigned to Abolish the Death Penalty:
? The death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment because...
? The death penalty is immoral because...
? The death penalty does not deter criminal behavior because...
? The death penalty is unfairly applied to convicts of certain races because...
? The death penalty harms the innocent who are wrongfully convicted because...

Please help me write about both sides (Keep and Abolish the Death Penalty).

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Dear Student,

For the purpose of this debate Guide I will stick to two issues on each side so as not to be all over the place simply because of the world limit you are asking to apply. Also, use the references I have indicated below to give you extra ammo for the debate.

OTA 105878


On Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment is the execution of a Person by the State as a punishment for a crime by which he was convicted of. Usually in our current era these crimes are Capital Crimes, heinous and brutal wherein only death will do. The US is among the many countries that still allow for Capital Punishment. It has been continually debated since the ancient times whether or not Death Penalty is a justified act by any society. Ours is a society bent on rehabilitation & correction that the practice of Death Penalty reflects the severity of the crime committed.


Death Penalty as the Ultimate Deterrent - Punishment of crimes are proportional to their severity & effect in society. Deviance is a reality every nation & social groups must deal with and as a nation, the US is a society bent on rehabilitation & correction more than Punishment, a move that has slowly been the focus since mid-20th Century. When heinous crimes are committed, a nation in shock finds that to deter copycats & similar acts, Death Penalty is the answer. Sociopaths & serial killers are at ...

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The solution concisely looks at the varied viewpoints prevalent in the US & contemporary society on death penalty debating the pros & cons of the issue especially abolishment & retainment. The Solution provides accesible web resources & references for expansion of ideas presented.

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