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    Professional Ethical Standards

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    Please help me get started with the following by providing examples that I can use as exemplars. I am not asking an OTA to complete the assignment but to give me examples to follow.

    Research a career in criminal justice that interests you.
    Write a job description summary for the position, including what a "day in the life" might be like.
    Summarize the professional code of ethics for the career you chose.
    Discuss unique ethical standards for the profession, and identify at least two examples of potential ethical dilemmas specific to this line of work that the code of ethics is meant to discourage (1400-1750 words).
    Use APA format and provide references.

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    1. Research a career in criminal justice that interests you.

    Have you given some thought to the career that interest you? Let's go with probation officer.

    However, selecting the right criminal justice career requires reliable information about the opportunities that exist in the criminal justice industry. Regrettably, many students and professionals are quick to pursue an academic or career path that ultimately does not lead them to the career they were hoping for. Criminal JusticeUSA.com provides aspiring criminal justice professionals with current, reliable and informative career information and job descriptions designed to help them make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a career in criminal justice or law enforcement. Criminal Justice Careers include the following: ATF Agent, Criminalist, Private Security, Bailiff, Criminologist, Police Detective, CIA Agent, Customs Agent, Police Officer, Coast Guard, DEA Agent, Probation Officer, Compliance Officer, FBI Agent, Private Investigator, Corrections Officer, Forensic Psychology, Secret Service, Court Reporter, Forensic Science, Sheriff, Court Clerk, INS Agent, US Marshall, Crime Scene Investigation, and Paralegal (URL: http://www.criminaljusticeusa.com/).

    2. Write a job description summary for the position, including what a "day in the life" might be like.

    I located an example job description for the position of a probation officer, which you can use as an exemplar to write your job description. For example:

    EXAMPLE: Job Description, including summary of position.

    Probation Officer Job Description
    Office of the Commissioner of Probation
    Posting Date

    Job Description and Qualifications
    Probation Officer

    All Applications must be received by:


    The probation officer, under the direct supervision of the chief probation officer, first assistant chief probation officer, or assistant chief probation officer, investigates thoroughly offender personal history, background and environment; reports findings to the court and is prepared to make appropriate recommendations on dispositions; periodically interviews probationers to determine the effectiveness of probation supervision and areas in which casework counseling are needed; refers probationers to social resources in the community for assistance in rehabilitation; enforces court orders; recommends revoking of probation and/or modification of court orders when necessary.



    Performs all assigned duties relating to cases scheduled for appearance in court.
    Assists as needed in courtroom procedure during court sessions.
    Plans office activities, conferences, and field visits in connection with investigation and supervision functions.
    Maintains accurate and up-to-date case records in a neat and legible prescribed form.
    Prepares and submits monthly statistical and performance reports on the status of individual caseload.
    Makes interagency contacts with department heads, division heads and subordinates on matters of policy and procedure.
    Gathers and evaluates data pertinent to individual cases in connection with both investigation and supervision. Such data may include information about the offender's home, school, church, neighborhood, and about relevant social agencies.
    Following court policy has responsibility for monitoring payment orders of the court, e.g., restitution, fines, support orders, etc.
    Maintains own workbook listing information and contact with probationers.

    Casework and Counseling:

    Conducts counseling interviews with assigned cases according to approved counseling techniques in order to determine and clarify probationer problems; suggests constructive methods for addressing such problems; and consults with supervisor when necessary.
    Contacts public and private community agencies to secure their aid in attempting to solve probationer's problems. Continuing and ongoing relationships with agencies are expected.
    Following a thorough and complete evaluation, refers probationers to community agencies that offer specialized services that are required for a particular individual's needs.
    Contacts collateral sources for ...

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    The solution provides examples for a research project on a career in criminal justice e.g. job description summary for the position, including what a "day in the life" might be like, the professional code of ethics, unique ethical standards for the profession, and examples of potential ethical dilemmas specific to this line of work that the code of ethics is meant to discourage.