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    Juvenile offenders

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    What are the different types of juvenile offenders? What behaviors have been noted as being indicative of the likelihood of a juvenile becoming an offender? Relate the risk behaviors to the types of offenders.

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    Juvenile delinquents are the same type of offenders as adults except they are juveniles and treated differently in the court system because of their age (that varies by state). However, juvenile offenders include some of the following: being truant from school; being in a gang; violent (domestic); violent (in society); being involved in drugs and or alcohol (consumption and/or selling and distribution); robbery, theft, vandalism, and even murder.

    There are 3 types of juvenile offenders or "delinquents." The types are: criminal (those delinquents who are involved in the court system ...

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    The different types of juvenile offenders that exist in society are determined.