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         Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that makes use of a third party to help the negotiation process along. Although, this method is effective and has many benefits, it is sometimes not possible, such as for serious criminal cases that must be determined by a jury. Amongst the many benefits of mediation, some of the most important are the costs, confidentiality and control. Mediation generally takes much less time than moving the case through court and so it can save a tremendous money in legal fees. Furthermore, the mediator is usually bound to a high degree of confidentiality which can be preferable to many particular parties such as those that are a part of high profile cases. Mediation also allows the parties to have a high degree of control over the outcome and the agreement of the dispute. Mediation can be used for a variety of cases including divorce, prenupital agreements, wrongful termination, discrimination cases, landlord/tenant disagreements, etc.  

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    Money vs Voices of Elected Representatives

    How much influence should Lobby groups such as the American Medical Association have on Public Health Policy? I need to consider money versus voice of elected representatives.